Main Processing Methods of Shaped Steel

Most steel processing is through pressure processing, so that the processed steel (blank, ingot, etc.) produces plastic deformation. According to the processing temperature of the steel, the steel shall be cold processed and hot processed.


Rolling: The steel metal blank passes through a pair of rotating roll gaps (various shapes). Due to the reduction of the compressed part of the roll material and the length of the pressure processing method, this is the production of Z commonly used steel, which is mainly used for the production overview, plates and pipes of steel. Cold rolling, hot rolling.


Forged steel: The process of changing the blank into the required shape and size by the reciprocating impact of the forging hammer or the pressure of the press. It is generally divided into free forging and die forging. It is generally used to produce large sections, such as section steel with large blank section size.


Drawing steel: It is a processing method that rolled metal blanks (types, pipes, products, etc.) are drawn into profiles through die holes to reduce length increase. It is mainly used for cold processing.


Extrusion: It is a processing method to extrude iron and steel metal from the specified die hole to obtain finished products of the same shape and size through the pressure at one end in a closed extrusion. It is mostly used in the production of non-ferrous metal steel. Before introducing the classification of steel, the manufacturers of special-shaped steel briefly introduced the basic concepts of ferrous metal, steel and non-ferrous metal.



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