Precautions for Profile Steel Rolling

The purpose of steel rolling is the same as other pressure processing. On the one hand, it is to obtain the required shape, on the other hand, it is to improve the internal quality of steel. It is necessary to continuously strengthen the billet quality, heating, roll shape control, coiling capacity, pickling and other links.


In steel rolling production, it is very important to control the quality. At the same time, some precautions should be kept in mind and strictly implemented, so as to lay a solid foundation for safe production and high-quality production. Steel rolling production consists of four basic processes: billet preparation, billet heating, steel rolling and finishing.


In the rolling process, the quality requirements of the rolled products include three aspects: the geometric shape and dimensional accuracy of the products, the internal structure and performance, and the surface quality of the products. Intelligent measuring instrument is an instrument to solve the problem of geometric shape and dimensional accuracy. After installation, it can be directly online tested with high detection accuracy to meet the production needs.


The finishing process usually includes steel cutting or coiling, cooling after rolling, straightening, finished product heat treatment, finished product surface cleaning and various painting processes.



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