Application Analysis of Commercial Vehicle Wheels

Judging from the angle of safety, energy saving and environmental protection and the direction of technological development, tubeless wheels are the development direction. Compared with the inner tube wheels of section steel, they belong to advanced products. In particular, the tubeless of light trucks should attract the attention of the industry, and it will become a new economic growth point. In fact, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have basically eliminated profile steel inner tube wheels.

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In recent years, with the development of tubeless wheels, the recognition of users and the improvement of road transportation management, the use proportion of tubeless wheels in commercial vehicles in China has gradually increased.

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However, based on the current specific use situation in China, the section steel tubeless wheel will coexist with tubeless wheel in a certain proportion for a long time. The main influencing factors include overload, road condition, vehicle type, maintenance, etc.



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