Main Components or Parts of Forklift Wheels

Forklift Wheels Are Mainly Composed of Tires, Rims, Hubs and Other Components

The function of the forklift wheel is to bear the weight of the forklift, drive the forklift to drive and turn through the friction between the forklift tire and the ground, transmit the driving torque and braking torque, mitigate and absorb the vibration and impact caused by the uneven road surface, and make the forklift drive smoothly. The wheel is mainly composed of tire, rim, hub and other components.

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Tires. There are two types of tires commonly used by forklifts: pneumatic tires and solid tires. Pneumatic tires, with great elasticity, can drive on various roads and high running speed, so they should be widely used. Due to its small elasticity, solid tire can only be used in places with good road conditions, such as indoor operation, but it has large bearing capacity and is not easy to be damaged.

Rim, the rim of forklift is used to fix the tire, and it is rigidly connected with the hub with bolts at the same time. The structural forms of rims mainly include split rim, semi deep groove rim, flat bottom wide rim and full inclined bottom rim. It is applicable to forklifts of different tonnage.

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The hub of the forklift is the part connecting the frame and the forklift bridge. The forklift axle body is divided into front axle (drive axle) and rear axle (steering axle). The structure and connection mode of the front and rear wheels connected with the front axle and the rear axle are different.



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