Heat Treatment Technology of Steel Profile

Heat Treatment Technology of Steel Profile:


According to the use requirements of steel products, general manufacturers have such requirements for the heat treatment process of steel. Generally speaking, the heat treatment of section steel can be roughly divided into the following aspects: tempering, annealing, carburizing, nitriding, tempering and other treatment processes.


1. On the premise that the quality requirements of section steel can be met, the heat treatment process is rarely used. If the heat treatment is necessary, the shape, size, form and position tolerance and straightness of the product should be adjusted twice and the process should be increased after the heat treatment. 

2. At present, there are two heat treatment methods: 1.2. Intermediate frequency furnace and tempering furnace product insulation and material heat treatment. 

3. Normalizing heat preservation temperature is higher than 940 ℃ (specific grades are 12Cr1MoVG, 102 steel, T23, T24, T91, p23, P91), and the heat treatment process and related technology of rebar meet the requirements. The heat treatment conditions of electric heating nitrogen protection tempering furnace are: heat treatment process requirements and related technologies for flat steel with tempering holding temperature greater than or equal to 740 ℃.




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