Resistance Butt Welding And Flash Butt Welding for Construction Wheel Rim

Resistance Butt Welding And Flash Butt Welding for Wheel Prodction

1-Resistance butt welding:

Process: Cut off the power supply when heating the end joint of the steel bar to the plastic state, and then heat it to plasticity for welding.

Disadvantages: The joints are easy to produce oxides and slag inclusion, and the steel section should be very clean and smooth, and the welding power is high and the welding power is high.   


 2-Flash butt welding:

Process: Eject molten metal particles from the steel bar joints, showing sparks (i.e. flash). The oxide and slag inclusion are also taken out while molten metal is ejected.

Advantages: Good quality for welding joint.

Application: Low carbon steel and low carbon alloy steel.


Difference between two kinds of butt welding methods:

1) The flash butt welding is a kind of rapid upsetting (breaking current at the same time), holding pressure and loosening the welding clamp;

2) Flash butt welding is close to the movement, loading pressure, loading instantaneous current, pressure maintaining, loosening welding pliers. The beat of resistance butt welding is much faster than flash butt welding.

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