Energy Saving Manufacturing Technology of Engineering Wheel Rim

Energy Saving Manufacturing Technology of Engineering Wheel Rim

The traditional Engineering Wheel Rim uses steel plate to cut into strips, reel, welding billet into cylinder, then hot pressing forming, through metal processing, assembly, welding into rim. It is characterized by single piece hot pressing parts, and then welding assembly. Heating forming causes energy waste and low efficiency, and hot pressing oxide scale causes surface defects.

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Energy saving and environmental protection forming process for Engineering Wheel Rim: it  adopts group cold rolled forming, and the rim is formed by metal processing, assembly and welding. The feature of this process is that two parts are cold rolled in groups at the same time, and then cut into two workpieces. So as to improve the production efficiency, no defects caused by oxide scale, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Mining Macinery Wheel Rim 

非公路重型矿用汽车车轮.jpg  卡特777D车型配套轮辋 适配轮胎27.00-79.jpg

49 Inch Mining Macinery Wheel Rim                                      Caterpillar 777D Steel Wheel Rim (Tyre 27.00R49)



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