What are the main water conservancy engineering profile section steel?

What are the main water conservancy engineering profile section steel? 

Water conservancy engineering section steel of hot rolled section steel specifications:

Water conservancy spigot steel is a hot rolled section steel used for the connection between the socket plate and the socket plate between the pipe and the pipe in the water conservancy construction process. This product is also called PCCP pipe socket plate, which is mainly used for special steel used to fix the position and link between pipes in the construction of large, medium and small water conservancy pipes.

What is the material of the water conservancy PCCP socket board?

The material of water conservancy PCCP pipe socket plate is mainly Q355B or Q235.

What is the length of the water conservancy socket plate?

Usually the length is calculated according to the circumference of the pipe. Generally, this product is produced in hot-rolled steel manufacturers. The manufacturer will determine the length of the hot-rolled section steel according to the customer's pipe diameter, so that the customer can save the cost of production materials and improve work efficiency during use.

What are the specifications of hydraulic section steel?

At present, there are four main specifications of water conservancy section steel. According to the product shape and size, it can be divided into three series: large, medium and small. According to the number of product sockets, it can be divided into single port and double port. The shape of water conservancy section steel is similar to the letter F Shape, so we usually call the hydraulic section steel hot-rolled F-section steel.

What are the benefits of hydraulic socket steel?

1. During the construction process, it can improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase construction period;

2. The appearance and length of the product designed for installation can improve the cooperation between the products, and the sealing and stability are good;

3. The product has good mechanical properties, conforms to the design and use performance in the engineering technical standards during use, and has a long product life;



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