Construction Machinery Wheel Rim Electrostatic Powder Spraying

Electrostatic Powder Spraying

A high-voltage corona discharge electric field is formed between the spray gun and the workpiece. When the powder particles are ejected from the spray gun mouth and pass through the discharge area, a large number of electrons are collected and become negatively charged particles. Adsorbs to positively charged workpieces. When the powder adheres to a certain thickness, the effect of "same-sex repulsion" will occur, and the powder can no longer be adsorbed, so that the thickness of the powder layer in each part is uniform, and then the powder layer is leveled into a uniform film after heating, baking and curing. 


1. Water dispersion powder coating

Water-dispersed powder coating is to stably disperse powder coating in water medium. It combines the advantages of water-based coating and powder coating. All conventional means including dipping, brushing, spraying, and electrostatic coating can be used in the process.

 涂装01.jpg 涂装02.jpg

2. Powder electrophoretic coating

It is the product of comprehensive powder coating and electric current coating, and has both characteristics. The basic principle is to disperse powder particles (generally required to be less than 40 μm) into an aqueous solution containing electrophoresis resin, use the water-based electrophoresis resin as a carrier, and use powder particles as film-forming substances to charge the powder particles. Electrophoretic deposition of films. It is suitable for the construction of workpieces with complex shapes.

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