Production and Processing of Section Steel Wheel Rim

Production and Processing of Section Steel Wheel Rim


It is made of two pieces of rim and spoke after welding and coating. It is equipped with inner tube tire. When assembling the tire, it is also equipped with elastic side ring (or side ring and lock ring). At present, it is widely used in medium and low-grade buses, light and heavy trucks (especially dump trucks).

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The section shape of rim (including side ring) is rolled by the steel plant. The rim is mainly processed by rolling, welding (butt welding) and other processes, of which butt welding is the key process; Spokes were originally formed by stamping. At present, they are mainly processed by spinning, blanking, machining and other processes, among which spinning is the key process.


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The product has the advantages of relatively simple process, strong bearing capacity, suitable for harsh working environment and convenient assembly, disassembly and maintenance; 

The disadvantage is that the quality is heavy, the tire is easy to burst after long-time operation, and the retaining ring is in danger of falling off. At present, domestic production enterprises have mature technology and sufficient production capacity.



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