Why Are Steel Sheet Piles So Widely Used?

Steel sheet pile is a kind of section steel device with lock catch, which is generally widely used in the excavation and enclosure of deep foundation pit, pipeline, trench and so on in the construction of large venues, subway stations, tunnels and municipal factories, and plays a vital role in the whole civil engineering.


Steel sheet piles have different sections in different factories. The common sections are straight plate section, groove section and Z section. The size of steel sheet pile is also different, and it can be produced on demand according to the actual situation of the project.


The steel sheet pile is very easy to drive into the hard soil layer, so its high strength is also one of its advantages. It is not only high in strength, but also has very good waterproof performance. After driving the steel sheet pile, it can be directly constructed in deep water. It can flexibly use the cofferdam method that can form a variety of shapes according to the engineering requirements on site. As an important thing, the steel sheet pile can be reused, which can not only better improve the project efficiency, but also save a budget for the smooth progress of the project; Therefore, in engineering construction, steel sheet piles are also popular and widely used in various engineering construction.



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